our unexpected journey into launching Little Peanut all began with a growing baby bump nick named Peanut, who when arrived changed our lives completely. nine weeks earlier than planned baby Elijah, weighing a tiny 1.78kgs was delivered safely into the world. 

our healthy and solid boy from the very beginning soon grew big and strong enough for us to take home. as most parents know this can be a rewarding but exhausting and challenging time. as a new mum I felt my day to day life could have been a lot easier (as well as my husbands and every other parent/care giver out there) with some key items. 

I needed a bib that actually caught milk running down Eli’s chin and neck before it destroyed his clothes and caused irritation to his skin. all the bibs I had used looked beautiful but were never really that practical. this is how the 'spill collar' was created, a completely new style of bib designed to be worn higher around the neck and shoulders. made with soft towelling for its high absorbency preventing milk from running off or under the bib, with a waterproof backing to keep baby dry.

another key item needed was a way of not having to replace all bedding continuously when the only real mess was milk spills and new born hair loss. the amount of times I would put Eli asleep into his bassinet on fresh new linen only to have him instantly spill on it. this is how the 'spill pillow' was created. a soft cotton pillowcase with a waterproof inner that safely secures around the basinet mattress or attaches to our specially designed cot sheet, protecting both the sheet and mattress from spills. it is easily removed without having to replace all bedding resulting in a lot less washing and if careful enough can even be removed while baby remains fast asleep.

so with these new design ideas in place I enlisted the help of my very own mum to be my partner in business. as a talented seamstress she carefully and lovingly makes all our beautiful items. this has made what was an already close bond between mother and daughter even closer, with Elijah being a huge part of both our worlds we love our small family business that much more.

lots of love from our Little Peanut family. x